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Kriti Mohan is a the sister of dancing superstar ‘Shakti Mohan’ and famous singer ‘Neeti Mohan’. She is the second child to her parents. Kirti Mohan is elder to her sister ‘Shakti Mohan’ and ‘Mukti Mohan’ and younger to ‘Neeti Mohan’. She is based in Delhi and is a manager to her sisters. All the 4 sisters are famously know as the ‘Mohan Sisters’. Their parents names are Brij Mohan Sharma and Kusum Mohan.


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Some facts about Kirti Mohan.

  • Kriti Mohan is an Artist manager as her profession.
  • Kriti has 3 other siblings, Shakti Mohan, Mukti Mohan and Neeti Mohan.
  • The four sisters are famously called as the ‘Mohan Sisters’
  • Kirti manages her younger sisters Shakti and Mukti Mohan who are professional dancers.
  • She also has elder sister Neeti Mohan who is singer in music industry.
  • All the four ‘Mohan Sisters’ are very creative in Nature.
  • Her dad’s name is Brij Mohan Sharma and her mom is Kusum Mohan she is a housewife.
  • Kriti has few thousand followers in her Instagram and twitter.
  • She loves to play word games like word brain.
  • She works at Dance Studio ‘Nirtya Shakti’. She manages all the schedule of her sisters and a manager to them.
  • Kriti Mohan isn’t much active on social media, but she has her online profiles which she seldom updates her social media profiles. Still you can follow her by visiting the links-

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